The American nightmare

To the Editor,

The debate: The Trump activists shouldn’t be happy. All the questions asked and the president’s answers had to do with what President Trump did or didn’t.

Biden’s answers pertained to what he would have done differently.

What is happening in America right now, good or bad, is Trump’s legacy. It’s happening on his watch.

The Trump-Biden debate was as close as one can relate to the Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First” skit. Who’s on second, What’s on first, and so it goes on.

Trump feeds one a ham sandwich and makes them think they had a steak.

It’s all about ego. He is blameless, faultless and beyond reproach.

Climate change: The West Coast is on fire. The East Coast, Deep South and Gulf Coast are hurricane prone and the president chimes in with how great the economy is doing.

Rushing a vaccine: Some researchers have the eye of a fly and hair of a bear and are searching for the third ingredient to make it a go.

Rushing a vaccine without the strict protocol necessary to make it safe and effective will harm more than cure.

The sad part of Trump’s American dream is it has turned into a nightmare under his watch. Vote your conscience.

Steve Kopa



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