The state of the nation

To the Editor,

The media reports of “chaos” and “both sides” come far short of describing the sheer disregard and disrespect for the American people on display in the presidential debate. If you haven’t watched it yet, do your country a favor and subject yourself to this unpleasant 90-minute diatribe by the President of the United States. Be certain and secure that this is what you want for the next four years if you still intend to vote for Donald Trump.

Only one candidate arrived on that stage intending to respect the rules they both agreed to, of two-minute answers without interruption. Only one candidate even attempted to address the citizens of this country and offer solutions to our problems, such as the ever-escalating pandemic, mass unemployment, political violence, and the impending loss of healthcare for those on Medicaid and those with preexisting conditions. Only one candidate showed empathy for and belief in those who are struggling with addiction, just like many in our area. He showed that even at their lowest points, they’re still humans worthy of respect and love. Only one candidate believes we’re entitled to the accountability and transparency of our government that we pay for. That candidate is Joe Biden.

The President showed his disdain that day for reality and for all in this country who are sick, poor, addicted, or victims of violence by those they’re told to trust. This debate reflects the current state of our country all too well. The ignorant and malicious among us scream over those who are working to death to keep all of us healthy, safe, and secure, despite themselves. The misdirection, gaslighting, and outright lies must come to an end if we’re to survive as a country. Vote for Joe Biden and end this Kafkaesque nightmare.

Melissa Branch



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