What has happened to our country?

To the Editor,

What’s happened to America?

Why the reason the average person is not happy with being an American? How can some cuckoos on Fox News push the idea of a deep state peeking in our window and Trump’s dictatorial ideas better than democracy.

Fox News’ big three, Carlson, Hannity and Ingaham may as well declare a revolution against everything we as a people stand up for in a democracy.

Ben Franklin, when asked what the founders left us, having too much to drink, he replied “A republic, if you can hold.”

Sorry Ben Franklin, democracy is the name of the game. You cannot have a deep state when the majority rule, but you can have a deep state in a dictatorship rule by his law and Donald J. Trump and his minions would do it in a heart beat.

How can anyone, red or blue, black or white, look at another human being and even consider whether they should have health care as a right, not a privilege?

We will find out shortly. The Affordable Care Act is coming up for debate in the Supreme Court.

Steve Kopa



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