A tragedy in our country

To the Editor,

The invasion of the United States Capitol on Jan. 6 by Trump supporters was appalling, disgusting and heartbreaking. They rioted under the banners of “taking back our country,” “stop the steal” and “being patriots.” They are insurrectionists, anarchists and domestic terrorists who tried to overthrow our government and destroy our democratic processes of certifying the presidential election.

The mob pushed into the Capitol gleefully like it was having a party, taking videos, selfies, then posting themselves on social media. Most didn’t have face coverings. They were severely entrenched in the Trump “cult” mentality and loyalty to him and were willing to risk their lives for him, risk personal consequences and even prison.

The seditionists came armed with sledge hammers, pipes, ropes, crutches, hockey sticks, flag poles and a fire extinguisher for weapons and beat the police who tried to stop them. Later, bombs were found and other weapons. They were chanting: “Hang Mike Pence” because he said he’d do his Constitutional duty to certify the election. A couple of guys had bunches of zip ties to tie up congressional members. They were there to assassinate any members who said they’d certify the votes for Joe Biden as president.

It seemed some Capitol Police might have been Trump supporters who enabled the mob in its invasion. Some were seen taking selfies with the insurrectionists and interacting pleasantly. One policeman let them in a door. A video later showed a congressman who went out a door and let the mob come in. On Jan. 13, a report said some Republican congressional members gave tours of the Capitol to Trump supporters the day before the riots. And that’s how the rioters must have easily known their way around the Capitol and to specific offices where they ransacked the offices. Because of COVID restrictions, tours to the public had been canceled. Those congressmen need to be held accountable.

I wondered where was the National Guard? It was reported that Trump went back to the White House, watched the riots on TV and was enjoying the chaos. A congressional Trump ally kept calling the president to call out the National Guard and he wouldn’t answer the phone. Trump did not promptly act and call in the National Guard. It was reported that the Guard wasn’t called until 1 1/2 hours after the riots began. Congressional members couldn’t reach anyone in authority to authorize calling in the Guard sooner.

It is because of Trump’s continuous “lies” about election fraud, the election was stolen, stoking anger and his incitement at the rally on Jan. 6 that led to the insurrection and, consequently, loss of lives and many injured police officers. He is responsible for this national tragedy.

The results of the election were verified by national and state officials, including Republicans. It was proven there was no fraud. Trump lost. Biden won.

Pray for the safety of Biden, Kamala Harris, congressional members and for protection of the Capitol. And continue to pray for healing for our country.

Diane R. Bannister



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