Bring school back full time

To the Editor,

What was the 4 to 1 vote to send the students in Hancock County back to school on the hybrid system based on? Thank you for the one board member who voted against it. Did you consider all the data? Students, ALL grades 1-12, have a very low percentage of catching and transferring the COVID virus. It seems all the school boards, including the Governor, who sent the students back on Jan. 21 but held off winter sports until March 1, are being persuaded by the Teachers Union.

Virtual school is not working. A large percentage of students are not doing the work at all. West Virginia students are missing out on their education.

We the parents cannot understand why students from Ohio, Pennsylvania and the private schools can be going to school full time. Steubenville City Schools have been operating full time since late August 2020 with no interruptions. Maybe some board members and the Health Department can take a visit across the river to see what they are doing right for the students.

I would like to suggest that you vote to send the students back to school full time, including Wednesdays, before you see a mass exodus by the students who want to be in school and learn.

Jim Horstman



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