Kids are better off in school

To the Editor,

Last year, when we began to hear and learn about the COVID-19 pandemic, there was very little data to support the decisions made, both locally and nationally, to shut down schools. The “experts” asked us to remain inside for two months and flatten the curve. How did that work for you? We know now that asymptomatic people don’t spread COVID. The recent data/science shows, verified by Dr. Fauci, that kids are safer and better off in school. They are learning minimally at home in virtual school. They need social interaction with their peers. Our governor does not get it either. How can schools across the river be in full session since August 19 with no breaks? They also are playing sports!

In a December 2020 article, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that schools should be both “the last setting to close” and “the first to reopen.”

As a parent, if you want me to sign on the bottom line, “I will not sue the county if my child contracts COVID,” let me know. If you are healthy, go to school. If you are sick, stay home. Have all wear a mask and get them back in school full time!

Jim Horstman



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