Rooting for the Ohio Valley

To the Editor,

As subscribers to the Weirton Daily Times, we want to comment on your column “It’s not just about the red and blue.”

We appreciate the fact that you are working to promote unity in Weirton-Steubenville, a place where we once lived.

But, it’s important to stress that before we begin healing, we demand government accountability and clear-eyed justice after the siege of the U.S. Capitol.

We demand professionalism among our police forces, most of whom were no-shows at the Capitol on January 6.

The insurrection at the Capitol was stoked by the lie of election fraud, a fantasy promulgated by President Trump and his allies.

The election of course wasn’t stolen. But the president poisoned the talk in the public square by working to overturn accurate results in swing states. He tried to repeat a lie often enough to get people to believe it.

He failed.

But, after witnessing the attempted coup the other day, you have to conclude deep damage has been done to our republic.

Our votes were counted professionally, freely and fairly in Hancock, Brooke and Jefferson counties and in Cobb County, Ga., where we now live.

The Democrats and Republicans who spearhead and volunteer in state and county election operations throughout the United States performed terrific, painstaking work during this pandemic. We can’t thank them enough.

By their unlawful actions, the rioters smeared these good citizens doing democracy’s legwork. If we can’t trust our election system, democracy will die. That’s the most important issue of our time.

One last point. You are giving the rioters too much credit by indicating they are on the Republican side of our politics.

The insurrectionists who barged into the Capitol are bigots and extremists who’ve undermined the GOP, which has morphed into a white grievance cult and has alienated many longtime Republicans.

These thugs took their cues from the worst president in our modern history. We are pleased Donald Trump was impeached and we are hoping he is convicted. We hope he never again holds public office.

Keep talking about unity. We’re rooting for Weirton-Steubenville to move on from the false promises of the right and scrub out the stain of Trumpism.

Joe Sterling

Carole Courtney Sterling

Marietta, Ga.

(formerly of Weirton)


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