Some random thoughts

To the Editor,

Some thoughts:

¯ The ex-president said he takes hydroxychloroquine every day with a wink. Many on Fox News, including Laura Ingraham, didn’t notice, meaning if you believe h one “lie” I will tell you another.

¯ I would say in the 21st century people are not watching the clouds, but in the first century many were frightened by the clouds when rays came through pointing to the ground. “Yo, yonder landed some aliens,” so say the ancient alien theorists.

¯ Social distancing: Science has not explained how to make love 6 feet apart, but I am sure some teenagers are working on it.

¯ Poverty and hunger: When the population is put in the position that it would rather be dead than alive, trouble rules the day.

¯ Religion and punishment: Why does 90 percent of the conversation dealing with sex end with punishment? Why is a normal, consenual function like sex discussed as a sin? Why is a sensation that lasts three minutes worse than murder?

¯ Death: If one lives long enough, one will welcome it.

¯ Friendships: One must consider that if after years they are ending badly, on hindsight they had to have started badly.

¯ COVID-19: Mother Earth has no conscience. It’s crying out, quit polluting or I will send diseases from the depths of Hell.

Steve Kopa



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