Weirton museum a blessing for the city

To the Editor,

Often I hear, and see on the internet, folks lamenting the changes in Weirton. The mill is slowly disappearing, businesses are closing, and buildings crumbling. I agree, it is sad to see the past slowly disappearing. But things are renewing as well. On my recent visit to see family in Weirton, my mother and I visited a wonderful addition to the city — the Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center.

The curator, Ms. Savannah Schroll Guz, has done amazing work displaying some of the best of Weirton. The history of the town is shown in artifacts, photos, paintings, books, and other items donated by local citizens. My mother and I enjoyed strolling through the museum finding people, families, and events (in photos) that brought warmth to our hearts and a smile to our faces. If you have not been there, please, stop by. Better yet, bring your mother, father, or grandparents, and you will probably learn more about them while they browse and reminisce. The museum also educates the public through exhibits and programs, although many have been canceled due to COVID.

The WAMCC is a nonprofit, so support is critical to keeping this “monument” to Weirton going. The museum is funded by grants and support from us. During this COVID time, less money than ever has been coming in. I read in the paper that “Weirton is looking at uses for CARES ACT funds”. I hope that the city officials will see that this Cultural Center is in need, and is, indeed, worthy of some of that money. I would encourage each city council member to visit the Museum and Cultural Center to see for themselves how very important this is to the town. What a way to educate our children! As a former teacher, I can see that future tours of this museum would be a wonderful part of teaching WV History! For that matter, this is a wonderful way to “home school” your child. Without funding, this cultural center will be hard pressed to stay open, and that would be another great loss to the city.

In closing, I would like to thank Ms. Guz for all of the work she is doing (as well as Dennis Jones) in preserving our town’s history and making us feel so at home during our visit to the museum. I look forward to reading one of her books and another that I purchased written by a local citizen. The Fiesta mug, depicting one of the Weirton buses that says “Welcome Home,” will be a wonderful souvenir for me. (Fun little gift shop)

By the way, they accept items pertinent to the city of Weirton, but remember, that if that item needs repair, there is little money available at the museum to do that. Our donations ­– and perhaps, the City’s generosity (CARES ACT funds?) would go a long way to helping keep Weirton’s legacy alive in this wonderful museum. Visit:www.weirtonareamuseum.com or the Facebook page for more info.

Elaine Jonczak-Sheets

Green Bank, W.Va.


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