Schooling isn’t necessarily equal

To the Editor,

Home schooling. Cal Thomas, journalist, opinion.

The pandemic has given parents of young children to determine if public schools will ever open again.

Parents are discovering the power of educating their children at home where they cannot only teach the real history of the country, but add a moral foundation that secular public schools no longer provide.

Here is a typical garbage in, garbage out opinion writer.

Parents should embrace home schooling as a way to rescue the next generation and preserve the country.

He ends, quoting the late Barbara Bush “our success as a nation depends not on what’s inside the White House, but what happens in your house.”

Knowing your best friend or your worst nemesis, and ask yourself would you trust either for what they were teaching at home, or see two first-graders, Black and white, playing in the snow, later participating in sports, friends for life.

Cal Thomas missed something in Bush’s quote. Sometimes the world is not so nice a place to live in because of what is taught in the home.

Racism is one glaring example of what is taught in the home. In the classroom teaching is a must.

Steve Kopa



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