Put blame where it belongs

To the Editor,

Two mass shootings in two weeks. The Democrats are back. Sounds like there’s a gun bill on the Congressional table.

The perpetrator of this latest shooting is named Ahmad al Issa. He’s Syrian by birth, and long had issues with paranoia and aberrant behavior. He was supposedly on the FBI watch list. Like that matters. Speculation is the attack might have been a retaliation of sorts for the bombing of Syria, as President Biden returns to politics–and wars–as usual.

The usual suspects, however, are desperately sticking to the “angry white man” narrative because yes, al Issa does look to be white. Even swarthy Middle Easterners, however, can get chubby and pale, when they don’t come up out of their parent’s basement to get their own Hot Pockets and juice boxes.

Do mass shootings happen a lot? Well, it depends on what you classify as “mass,” because there is no defined standard. Generally, in order to classify as a mass shooting, three or more people have to be shot or killed. Now, the problem is, that can happen in many situations:

Drug deals gone bad, robberies, home invasions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the “angry white guy” scenario so popular with the liberal-biased media and the “woke” leftist zealots … even when the shooter isn’t white. Which frequently happens.

When all the rioting started last year, I didn’t actually expect anything to happen around here, but you never know. So, I loaded my shotgun, standing it in a corner of the living room, and kept a handgun by my chair. Just in case.

I was a little skittish about that, because I’d always heard how guns kill people.

Know what?

Those guns sat that way all summer and fall until I put them away over the holidays. Neither of them so much as flinched, let alone jumped up and shot me, or my wife.

Funny, how that is — all these guns out there killing people. My guns must be pretty laid-back types, I guess. Easygoing. After all, there’s apparently all these crazed guns, running around slaughtering folks, wholesale.

Guns are weapons, yes, and as such can be dangerous. First and foremost, however, they’re a tool … and yes, tools can be dangerous. You can badly hurt yourself misusing them.

Also, you can indeed stab someone with a screwdriver; kill someone with a hammer; cut them badly with a power saw or a manual saw. Like all tools though, in careful, conscientious, respectful hands, guns aren’t a danger.

We all know how well disarmament has worked, historically, for the common people. And look how knife crime rates in England have skyrocketed since their gun ban. Now they’re severely regulating knives. Before long, they likely won’t be able to own a cricket bat or a rock above a certain size or weight.

We need to stop blaming and restricting the 120 million law-abiding gun owners for the actions of a relative handful of violent nuts. But we won’t.

Rob Denham



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