Severe case of Trumpitis

To the Editor,

I hate to admit to this, but for one second, maybe a half second, I felt a little bit of sorrow for citizen Donald J. Trump on his flight to Mar-a-Largo still denying he was not the president because the election was rigged and stolen from him.

It’s official: Joe Biden is president. Former President Trump talked at CPAC and mentioned President Biden’s name at least 40 times, telling the public what Biden was going to do.

He does not realize he has been president for the last four years and the mess the United States finds itself in happened on his watch, and that Biden will do his best to revise all of Trump’s blunders.

I have searched a 60,000 word dictionary in every language to find a word describing Trump’s unbalanced behavior and could not find one.

Nothing will ever surpass the shame Trump brought to this nation.

A new word will have to be added to the psychiatrist’s playbook — the patient has a severe case of Trumpitis.

Steve Kopa



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