Spring has sprung…I think

To the Editor,

Okay folks, here is some chilly tidbits to think of.

1. Snow stay away.

2. No more school two-hour delays.

3. Digging out you car in the driveway.

4. Sliding on ice while going to work.

5. Sub-freezing temperatures.

Now…let us think of some warmer tidbits.

1. Birds are tweeting in the morning.

2. You actually get to enjoy that cup of morning coffee…finally.

3. The kids are happy to go to school.

4. Easter Bunny will soon be here.

5. Major League Baseball has begun spring training.

6. National Football League draft is in April.

Time to plant flowers, start gardens, and sprucing up your house.

Oh…by the way…you can put away the snow blower and bags of salt.

Spring…is here!

Kevin Neverly



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