Call before donating

To the Editor,

Before dropping off object donations at the Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center, we ask that the public please give us a call at (304) 224-1909 or email us at weirtonareamuseum@gmail.com to inquire whether we are able to accept the object into our collection. Why are we asking this?

WAMCC exists to “preserve our history and culture for future generations.” It is our job to care for and track the condition of the objects that come to us. And that means we need to have appropriate storage space, suitable storage containers, and the ability to repair items and artifacts when they require it. Because we have limited funds, this can be challenging, and for this reason, we have to be cautious about what — and how many of the same object — we accept.

We are staffed entirely by volunteers, with just one person who volunteers on a full-time basis. We’ve begun an inventory of our collection, which is considerable, and until we are able to fathom all the pieces entrusted to us and develop an inventory-tracking system, we’ll need to be careful in accepting the number of new objects to be processed. If you’d like to volunteer your time and help us inventory the collection, we would be very grateful for your help! Please call us or message us at the number or email noted above.

We thank you so much for your help as we work to care for and catalog the many wonderful items that families have entrusted us with, artifacts that will help to tell Weirton’s unique story for many generations to come!

Savannah Schroll Guz

Executive Director, WAMCC


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