Do-over time in Weirton

To the Editor,

Doing a do-over in Weirton. City officials, let’s make a rule of conscience. No companies that have been run out of other cities or other states for unsavory practices can locate in Weirton.

Companies have a right to come in and negotiate what kind of access they need for there to be investments.

But any company that is not going to invest $20 million in its plans will rape the area, use no union workers, pay cheap wages and leave within five years.

People have the right to clean air and pure water. Once the polluters get established in the community, it is difficult to expel them.

I was born in the no-rules-for-pollution era, and the thick graphite pouring from Weirton Steel. History remedied that with environmental pollution laws.

Patrick Ford is the business development director for the Frontier Group of Companies. The do-over in Weirton could affect the whole Ohio Valley. This is about Weirton, so let’s talk about Weirton.

Weirton residents going east and west in the city use Cove Road northbound and state Route 2 southbound. We don’t need traffic tie-ups at the intersection of Main Street and Cove Road to the railroad tracks.

Let’s do the Lee Avenue Bridge in the $36 million bridge projects allotments. It offers easy access to Weirtonians who are doing business.

Here is what’s offered in a 10-acre area in the friendliest little city in America: The state building, police station, community center, fire station, event center, library and the Edwin Bowman Field, which is named after the former mayor.

There is talk of moving the police station and, hopefully, it is only talk. If one goes, the others will follow.

Once the central part of activity in the city is broken, Weirton will neve be the same.

Choose wisely, Mr. Ford, and history will be kind to you.

Steve Kopa



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