May peace of God be with you all

To the Editor,

In February of this year, I lost my wife after 46 years of a most happy marriage. Linda was a saint, well-loved by her nieces and nephews and all her friends. Her devotion to her faith in Jesus Christ and her perseverance in her Catholic faith were unquestionable.

I write this letter in dedication to her life and the love we shared together over that span. I further take this opportunity to share a bit of my faith and where I am going upon death.

I firmly believe in God’s love and his promise of eternal life for repentant sinners, and I invite all of you who come to repentance and belief to share in his redeeming love. Let me first say this is not a momentary catharsis whereby a year from now I will ask the question, “What did I do, what did I say?”

In the face of widespread cynicism pervading our culture today one may rightfully question, “What proof is there that these things are true?” or even more poignantly ask, “does God even exist?”

He certainly does. All the proofs on the blackboard explaining the workings of the universe, the test tubes in laboratory and the entire scope of human reasoning ultimately fail to answer the proof, or disproof, of his existence, and his abiding love for those who seek him.

The death and resurrection of his beloved son, Jesus Christ, is attested by those who witnessed him after the grave stone was rolled away. The testimony of first century believers, passed along by oral tradition until the Holy Bible was eventually formulated, is an awesome revelation for all who choose to believe.

I, perhaps as many, was a doubting Thomas. “Unless I see the nail prints in your hands, and put my hand into the wound in your side, I will not believe.”

The miracles occurring down through centuries–Lourdes, Knock, Fatima, Guadalupe and the many miraculous healings rigorously attested to and proclaimed by the Catholic Church helped to cement my belief in an eternal, loving God.

After years of doubt and cynicism I myself became a Catholic, encouraged through the patient love of Linda. Special thanks are given to the staff of Holy Trinity in East Liverpool, especially Bob Barto, for their insightful guidance along the way toward my becoming a member of the church.

People might ask, “Why hasn’t Jesus returned after 2000 long years of waiting? What’s taking him so long?”

I believe he might just be waiting for you.

Again, I invite you to believe and share in his redeeming love. I expect to join Linda in Heaven in the not-too-distant future. Happily she lived to witness my conversion to the Catholic faith.

The peace of God be with you all.

Gail A. Wickstrom



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