Reasons to leave our shores

To the Editor,

Pat Buchanan and some other scholars are preaching the rationale that we have no vital interests beyond the borders of the United States.

But we the people would like to know if we go fight and die for the oil fields that yonder lie, does it make it right to leave our shores for the oil beneath the earth?

Or, at best, make it look like we are champions of the world, instead of the boil barons of old and maybe we will strike oil in the harts of men, striving for justice and democracy.

Beware of men with full-lipped moustaches dressed in black. The world sat back and watched the last one build his forces to the point where he almost, with disgusting atrocities, conquered the world.

China, Iran or North Korea do not want war with America. Putin’s Russia would chance it in a heartbeat without reason.

Steve Kopa



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