What is being hidden?

To the Editor,

I am a 1969 graduate of and taught/coached from 1973 through 1979 at Weir High School.

It is despicable that the removal of the Logo has been secretly going on for some time. State Code may have been violated due to the manner in which the Logo change was implemented.

The explanation article in the 5/18/21 Weirton Daily Times leaves uncertainty as to the exact next steps to be taken to keep Weir High School’s Logo and is an attempt to gloss over this issue.

Let us remember, one the people promoting the removal of the Logo said they are looking at Red Rider name next.

If this tact is being taken by the WHS Administration, we must ask what else is going on under the cloak of secrecy. Another question to ask is if students are being exposed to subject matter not approved by the West Virginia Department of Education such as Critical Race Theory or the 1619 Project.

Unfortunately, this action has led to significant mistrust in the information being given to the public. The School Board must come forward with more definitive answers.

Joe Paolo



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