This is not America

To the Editor,

So, after six months (really 47 years) of embarrassing ineptitude, Joey “China Joe” B.–reigning Don of the Biden Crime Family, enfeebled dementia sufferer, shameless fraud, and all-around humiliating usurper of the Presidency of the Untied (not a typo) States–wants to send government agents knocking on the doors of we, the non-vaccinated.

Why take this pointless, unnecessary, expensive, ultimately Fascist action? Out of only 185 million cases in the whole world over two long years, 171 million have recovered; most of those, completely. Why are they pushing this “vaccine” that doesn’t really work, anyway?

Is this not America, where we’re to have the freedom to make our own personal decisions? Freedom to say “my body, my choice”, as the abortion proponents do?

No, this is not America. Not anymore. Just look at Washington, DC; surrounded by fences and barbed wire, occupied by a military force.

Oh, that’s right; they’re afraid of “extremists”. Patriotic, pro-American “extremists”, who doubt the media narrative that, out of 133 million registered voters–75 million of whom are acknowledged as having voted for Trump–81 million voted for Biden.

For you Democrats, that’s 156 million total votes, out of 133 million registered voters.


Move along; nothing to see, here.

Every single Democrat I personally know, though, seems okay with, well, cheating.


If Trump had won, under the exact same shady circumstances, they’d be clawing their faces off. Mindless outrage; and Democrat-run, urban America would be a smoldering, looted ruin.

Thank God conservatives and Republicans are clearly better, more emotionally mature, restrained people than Democrats and liberals.

“But, Trump! Russia! 2016!” …except that their own four-year, $32 million dollar “investigation” didn’t bear out that lie.

Election audits are proceeding apace, finding discrepancies galore. Convinced, Pennsylvania has now begun its own audits.

So certain are the Democrats of the legitimacy of their 2020 Presidential victory, they’ve hired 100 lawyers, and are doing everything they can, to thwart the audit processes. Processes that should then, logically, ultimately prove their victory.


Move along; nothing to see, here.

Here’s my problem with it: Say the audits make fraudulent voting undeniably clear; prove that Trump indeed won…what then? Where do we go?

The people cheering the audits are the same people saying that the Supreme Court and Justice Department are compromised by the Globalist “Deep State”. The media will obviously do all it can, to look the other way.

If that’s the case, it seems to me the only way this would ever be made right is, sadly, if We, the People finally take up our pitchforks and torches, burn the windmill, and kill the Monster.

Finally, a word for the few, scant handfuls of Democrats who can actually still read:

If you’re a patriotic soul, one who supports Americanism, and governing by the Constitution, your party no longer wants or trusts you. You’re now under suspicion as an “extremist”, and a threat to their aimless, increasingly authoritarian rule.

Welcome to my world. This is not America.

Rob Denham



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