Weirton deserves better

To the Editor,

The City Council meeting that took place on July 12 was quite monumental. The citizens of Weirton deserve better. Although I do not agree with City Manager Joe DiBartolomeo’s approach and lack of tact, it was refreshing to have someone address some of the issues with City Council that have plagued this City for decades.

It seems our leaders continuously point fingers at others. The City of Weirton has been victim to six changes in the City Manager position in three years. The next City Manager will be the seventh change. To City Council – perhaps just this mere fact should make you self-reflect and consider why Weirton cannot keep a City Manager. Perhaps you overstep your position and make a manager’s job difficult? We have had numerous Council members who have ruled for years and have brought only politics and negativity. The unfortunate result is the citizens of Weirton and growth of the city suffers while they play their selfish games. A few Council members with good intentions are unfortunately outshined and influenced by the few that do not have the city’s best interest at heart and have a bully mentality.

And for our elected officials to walk out of a meeting like children? It spoke volumes to Mike Adams’ character that he is the only member who stayed to represent his constituents. City Attorney – why is it an issue between the City Council and the City Manager of one group overstepping the other? As City Attorney, you should clearly establish the lines of purview and call out either side if they cross those lines.

This would remedy much of the problem. As a new City Manager comes into position, it is the perfect opportunity to step up and establish these obscure lines that give each group the sense of entitlement and authority. If you are not willing to keep each party within their legal boundaries, one would be forced to question your role and intention.

Citizens of Weirton – it seems residents have been unhappy with the City Council for years. If you do not like the administration and think you can do well for the City, get out there and either run for office or rally behind someone you know will support the growth and citizens of Weirton. In the last election, several Council members ran unopposed including the few that have been in office for years and are known to be the biggest bullies. How can anything change if citizens do not step up and make the change? This City has incredible potential but will not reach it without a change in leadership and residents stepping up to do our part.

Lawrence Davis



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