Natural gas good for business, families

To the Editor,

Having owned and operated our family business for more than 30 years, it’s good to see new investments and jobs being created here because of natural gas.

West Virginia is blessed with rich energy resources. Hardworking families, like ours, all want good jobs, a clean environment and a chance for our kids and grandkids to raise their families here. Natural gas is helping to make these things happen.

My family has proudly owned and operated Trading Post 49 since I was 5 years old. It is one of a number of small businesses that was able to stay afloat because more folks are benefiting from and working in the natural gas industry.

When small businesses like ours do well, that’s good for everyone. It means more families are working and investing in the community. As a farmer, I care about keeping our environment healthy, and I know firsthand that natural gas can be produced safely. Drilling has safely taken place near our home and community members have benefited. It’s stimulated the economy and a lot of people have prospered, especially farmers who can now put money into their properties and family businesses.

I understand that Weirton is considering the approval of a natural gas well pad. If the city, its officials and community members want to see small businesses succeed and more families and workers have opportunities for a brighter future, Weirton should support natural gas.

Harley Lemasters

Owner, Trading Post 49



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