Say anything for money

To the Editor,

The American dream. Will Mother Earth survive?

Let’s be truthful –who would like to be ruled by a Fox News monstrosity the likes of holier-than-thou-lord-of-the-world Sean Hannity as president, Tucker Carlson as vice president and Laura Anne Ingram as secretary of state.

There would be a guillotine on every street corner in America beheading their pick of the week.

What are they missing? There has been trouble at the Texas border since 1850 — remember the Alamo?

America’s Dunkirk — everybody is thinking of a way to get off planet Earth, waiting for the next spaceship to nowhere.

Racism starts in the womb. If one is born of color, it is going to be almost impossible to compete with a child born in a home that hates people of color.

Pollution: Flatulence –isn’t it ironic that we are killing the planet with human and animal farts. There will be 8 billion humans by 2023.

Man’s ego: Why are all aliens pictured as ugly ducklings? Why not a planet where everyone looks like Tm Cruise and Jennifer Lopez.

Call them what you may, the ones who like to provoke or show defiance in their defense of freedom of speech. First rule: You cannot yell “fire” in a crowded theater. Second rule: You cannot use the “n” word in any venue.

There are a few other choice words that will get a person kicked on his or her read if used in an inappropriate manner.

Sorry folks, there is too much “I gotcha” going on on cable TV — Hannity on Fox, Anderson Cooper on CNN and Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC. Cable news proves one thing — you can get a guest to say anything for money.

Steve Kopa



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