Support project, jobs will come

To the Editor,

On Aug. 28, a letter titled “Support Project in Weirton” appeared — the project deserves full support. The information which appears in this article also comes from an article titled, “U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Industry Supported Millions of Jobs, Trillions in Economic Impact in 2019.” The second article comes from Erin Mundahl, who serves as the senior consultant for strategic communications, energy and natural resources at FTI Consulting.

During 2019, oil and natural gas jobs increased nationwide. However, there are still jobs that can exist from establishing a pad here in town. Currently, our local community of Weirton is in talks with Southwestern Energy to place a pad here and to bring jobs to the area. Now, concerns exist about the possibility of a gas and oil establishment. The focus is on the pad itself and not on the number of potential gas and oil jobs in the community. Furthermore, there would be a massive increase in the local economic economy that jobs could have on the citizens of Weirton and their families.

When there is a gas and oil pad placed in a community, the statistics show that on average, for every one direct job created through the gas and oil development, there are three jobs created within the local community. Pennsylvania, which currently sits second in gas and oil production only behind Texas, has seen a substantial economic increase. West Virginia and Ohio have seen a rise in economic activity due to the action in Pennsylvania.

Here are just a few statistics in other parts of the country related to the gas and oil industry:

¯ The oil and gas industry has created either directly or indirectly created 11.3 million jobs.

¯ As a result of the jobs, there have been nearly $1.7 trillion in economic impact.

¯ For every one gas and oil job created, there are an additional 3.5 jobs created, which currently makes up 5.6 percent of the U.S. employment.

¯ West Virginia has between an 8.3 percent and 11.2 percent share of state employment within the gas and oil industry.

¯ In 2019, Pennsylvania has seen nearly 500,000 jobs directly from gas and oil, while there are 3.7 jobs indirectly created from the gas and oil industry

¯ Ohio has seen an additional 375,000 direct and indirect jobs from the gas and oil industry. This number makes up 5.3 percent of Ohio’s total employment

¯ West Virginia has seen an additional 82,000 jobs which have been created either directly or indirectly from the gas and oil industry. This makes up 9.2 percent of the state’s employment

Support the gas and oil pad project, and the jobs will come.

David Cullinan



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