Preparing for the Fall

To the Editor,

As we prepare for the fall season, let us think about a few things.

1. Leaves on your property. Rake them in neat piles. Use heavy duty garbage bags to gather them up. Oh, watch for the neighborhood kids who would love to dive into that pile. Grownups included.

2. Travel time. I’m sure that some of you who are parents might have some of your children in college, or some university. Plan ahead if the travel time is a long one. Travel routes, alternate ways of getting there is also a plus. Pack you things a day before so that you don’t rush out of the house.

3. The little ones. Yes, those tiny things that are your children. Your kids. Those who have to go to pre school, kindergarten, grade school, or middle school. And let’s not forget the teenagers who are off to high school. Watch for them when you travel. Be careful…always look out for them. Those yellow buses that flash red lights, are for a reason. STOP

4. Leave for work early. Now that schools are in session, leave at least 10-15 minutes for work. It helps relieve that drive stress.

5. Halloween and Halloween parties. Kids love this time of the night. Candy candy candy. As for the grownups and their parties, there is fun for all. And if the grownup party is a drinking party, designate a sober driver to get you home safely.

Safety first for all…not last. Enjoy the fall.

Kevin Neverly



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