Sports, exams and the Christmas season

The life of every Catholic involves sacrifice. Madonna students understand the idea of sacrifice well, especially during this time of year, not only due to Christ’s coming celebrated during the Advent Season, but also because this past week was dedicated to taking exams. Any Madonna student will tell you there is very little that stresses he or she out more than exam week. This week was not all studying, however. Madonna’s varsity men’s basketball team played in the Dube Dome against city rival, Weir High. Madonna’s girls team also traveled to Wetzel County to play Valley High School.

This week Madonna had exam week. Students will be taking midterms — two a day — until Thursday. Students who have completed all of their exams will not need to go on on Friday, which is the make-up day. Seniors who have earned an A and have fewer than three unexcused absences are exempted from taking these tests. This is the final week before students go on break and celebrate Christmas with their family and friends. Hopefully, all went well for the students and teachers alike and they have a good Christmas break. Madonna’s second semester will start on January 3, 2019.

During the greater Advent Season, there is no greater anticipated game than the city rivalry. The game at the Dube Dome was so full of fervent Weir High and Madonna High School fans that there was standing room only. With every bucket made, hundreds of fans cheered. The game was back and forth, touch and go, until the the end of the third where the Red Riders pulled ahead of the blue dons to win 73-58.

Our Lady Dons also played in another exciting game, traveling nearly two hours to play the Valley Lumberjills. As of right now, the girls’ record is 5-2. It’s guaranteed that every Madonna athlete in any sport represents the school with pride and class.

As a new year approaches, the faith and morals of our Madonna students strengthen. We are blessed enough to obtain such an education provided by our teachers and religious educators. Students get to experience the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Here at Madonna we are followers of Christ and leaders in the World . . . see you next year!

(Chartier, Durante and Alimario are students at Weirton Madonna High School)