Whatever the weather is today, so be it

I don’t know what today’s weather has turned out to be like.

I couldn’t predict it any better than anyone else commissioned to such a daunting task, and since this column gets written mid-week, all I knew for sure was that “scare-casts” (a.k.a. forecasts in some instances) were predicting that we were going to be having some sort of weather episode this weekend.

That being said — or in this case, written — I have to confess that I think I might be responsible for all this, or some of it anyway.

If we have a lot of snow right now, maybe it’s a little bit my fault. Maybe I jinxed things if that’s possible.

Our way-too-wet weather up to this point caused me to mention to a couple people in passing when you’re having those casual weather conversations here and there that, hey, we could use a little snowstorm around here, don’t you think?

Let all the mud and mess finally firm up a bit once and for all.

We’re overdue for a big snow anyway. Let’s get it over with.

Such comments came in response to fresh memories of one too many trips to the barn by yours truly where I’d lose a boot to mud suction in mid step.

So, mention the word “snow” and add to that any reference of “a possible snowstorm” or “accumulation,” and things start happening immediately.

Some are positive, some are not.

The main not positive thing is all the angst over what kind of weather we will have and being drawn to watching and listening to prediction reports to extremes.

And for all that emotional investment of time and energy I am none the weather wiser.

All we know for certain, it seems, is that it might happen, and it might not. Not at all like death and taxes.

One of the positive things about “a possible snowstorm” or “accumulation” is that I meet a lot of nice people in the grocery store in the days leading up to a weather event when we’re all panicking that we won’t have enough bread and toilet paper to survive a whole day at most.

Many of these lovely people are in the pet food aisle, like me making sure we have enough cat food for our finicky feline family members.

We laugh and agree that our cats have to have the right brand, the right flavor, the right treat. No substitutes will do, and God forbid, don’t try to pull a fast one, or you’ll get a cold shoulder. Meow!

This was supposed to have been a really busy weekend for me, but the world pretty much got canceled ahead of time.

I’ve decided to make the best of it and just enjoy it all.

I invited my daughter to come join us for the weekend. We’ll sit around in our pajamas, binge watch movies we love, including “Moonstruck,” and we’ll eat a bunch of food that’s bad for us.

Come on. It’ll be fun, I told her.

And if not, we’ll all go out and play in the mud.

(Kiaski, a resident of Richmond, is a staff columnist and community editor for the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times. She can be contacted at jkiaski@heraldstaronline.com.)