Madonna is preparing for the new school year


The Madonna High School administration, faculty, staff, and coaches shared its 2019-2020 theme throughout activities as they gathered to prepare for the upcoming school year: FORWARD TOGETHER “God will guide our steps.” Proverbs 3:6.

On Sunday, August 11, 2019 administrators, teachers, staff, and coaches gathered at St. Joseph the Worker Church for mass at 5pm followed by an evening of presentations by Dr. Ron Cercone, MHS ’73 and Ms. Jenn Hornyak from the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Office of Schools. Dr. Cercone returned to his alma mater to share memories of Madonna past and encouragement to those in attendance to carry on the tradition that helped to mold him. Ms. Hornyak introduced the concept of Growth Mindset (Dr. Carol Dweck) as an approach to education and coaching that has endless possibilities of positivity and forward progress for the Madonna students.

On Monday morning, August 12, faculty, staff, and administration gathered for mass in the Madonna Chapel at 8:15 am with designated pastor Fr. Dennis Schuelkens as celebrant. A retreat was led by Mr. Lou Volpe and Mr. Chris Bayardi in the Madonna Cafeteria. They focused on the theme of Christ calling each in attendance as individuals, as a teacher, and as the Madonna High School community. The steadfast love and presence of Christ was highlighted along with constant reminders that moving FORWARD TOGETHER as a school community is the ONLY way to go. After the retreat, a limo whisked the teachers away for a fun afternoon of bowling and tacos at the Blue Steel Bowling Lanes.

For the third day in a row, Madonna personnel met once again for meetings to get organized for the upcoming school year. Mr. Lesho welcomed new teachers, Mrs. Emily Gust — Fine Arts and Mrs. Karen Ferguson — Math, along with sharing all the new and exciting changes for this school year as well as reminding of the traditions that give Madonna its foundation.

Everyone is so excited and motivated to get the 2019-2020 school year started FORWARD TOGETHER!


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