Grocery stores can be place for finds, laughs

Truth be told, I actually like grocery shopping when it’s not in the usual bigger food stores.

That seems like an odd thing to admit to, especially if you’re ever having a conversation with someone you don’t know all that well and you’re casually asked what your hobbies are or what do you enjoy doing.

When those questions come my way, I honestly tend to cringe a little bit — well, maybe a lot.

And I realize that my revelations in this query category probably aren’t going to impress anyone or have much real “wow!” factor to them.

Comparison can be an intimidating thing, something that can really knock the wind out of your sails and make you feel like a “Dullsville” stamp ought to be right smack dab on the middle of your forehead.

My checks of Facebook from time to time, for example, when I see where people are eating, the events they’re participating in, the places they’re traveling to, I think to myself, wow, Janice, you are one major boring person here — with a capital B.

But we Kiaskis, however, are pretty wild and crazy food store shoppers at times when it comes to our interest and intention levels at the not-so-familiar places.

If we’re out of the area taking a scenic drive — what can seem more like a carnival ride, depending on who’s behind the wheel — a stop at a non-big chain food store is a priority.

Some people spot birds and wildlife and nature and marvel at that and get all excited.

Some people see tourist attractions and make a beeline for those and prepare to make their memories.

We see a sign for a food store we’re not necessarily familiar with and you’d think there’s a celebrity in our midst that we’d like to stand in line to meet and get an autograph.

Look at that!

Put your blinker on — let’s go there!

The attraction of checking out other lesser-known grocery stores in other places is that they generally have things you can’t find anywhere else.

Maybe it’s a different brand of coffee or something in the frozen food section that’s maybe worth a try, or it’s a product that stores used to have on the shelves but don’t anymore.

The deli sections always put us in take-your-time-and-browse mode to see what kind of lunch meat they have and other ready-to-eat food.

They can even give you a laugh you’re not expecting.

We were checking out the fried chicken in the deli section of this out-of-the-area store we stopped at recently, our mouths watering even though we’d just had brunch-lunch.

Suddenly, the clerk behind the counter looks at Better Half and says, “Oh, you just made my day — you just brought back so many good childhood memories!!” she gushed.

Better Half was wearing one of the many Dean Martin T-shirts he has in his vast wardrobe collection of Dino apparel since he gets a Dean Martin T-shirt almost every Father’s Day. We assumed she was a Dean Martin fan.

“I just loved George Carlin!!” the clerk gushed some more. “He was so funny!”

George Carlin??!! We got a good chuckle out of that one, especially since we don’t quite see that resemblance, but OK.

We live in a country where people can have their own opinions. And we have freedom to shop where we want.

Amen to both and Happy July 4!


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