Collect your money now

To the Editor,

We have all seen the ads. Work until you’re 70. Remember the governmant wants you to die so all the money is theirs. If you’re at least 63 or older, do the math. It’s very simple.

Right now I am 65 1/2 and if I take my Social Security right now I lose roughly $70 a month, but I am collecting a whopping $2,200 cash right now while I am living.

Now let’s do the math. $70 times 12 is $840 a year loss, but $2,200 for 12 months comes to a eye opening $26,400 for a whole year collecting right now.

It’s your cash, the governmant does want you to sign up so they are expecting you not to live to collect it. It’s all checks and balances. And after age 66 you can earn all the money you can without a penalty.

Collect now and go enjoy yourself!

Richard Budney Sr.



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