Symptoms of new disorders

To the Editor,

After extensive study during a period of the last three years, I would like to submit a couple of new disorders to the psychological community.

The first is closely related to Obama Derangement Syndrome, and I have named it Obamanesia. It affects the memory of many conservatives and almost all President Trump supporters.

A brief description would be that the subject simply cannot remember anything good that President Obama did. A few examples would be that they can’t remember that when Obama was handed the economy the Dow Jones average was hovering at around 7,000 and that when he left office it had grown to record highs of around 20,000, or that the unemployment rate was nearly 9 percent, and when he left office it had shrunk to 4.6 percent, nearly cutting it in half.

The unpopular auto bailout loan was responsible for a lot of that improvement. And, a very strong argument can and should be made that Obama avoided a looming depression and navigated the ship of state through stormy seas to a very strong economy. Obama created 11.6 million jobs, yet Trump supporters can’t seem to remember any of this, as amazing as it is.

Obama made sure that nine out of 10 Americans had health care — that’s something most of them remember, but don’t want to. They tried to repeal it so many times that most of us lost count. I think it was around 60 times. It’s now popular.

Now, moving along to the second memory disorder. I call it Trumpnesia, in which its subjects or victims can’t seem to recall anything bad that Trump has done. The following is a very brief listing of these.

First, he perpetuated a lie that Obama was from Kenya.

Second, he told other lies at a rate hitherto thought to be impossible.

Third, he took children from their parents and placed them in cages. I think of it as mass kidnapping — many of them were toddlers and scared for their lives.

Fourth, he consciously tried to undermine the veracity of the free press and then of his own government security agencies.

Fifth, he ridiculed a disabled reporter.

Sixth, Trump stole money from a children’s cancer charity (St. Jude’s) and a veterans charity. He is currently unable to be involved with a charity in the state of New York, and will be for the next 10 years.

Seventh, he was forced to pay $25 million in connection with his fraudulent university.

Eighth, he is clearly guilty of obstruction of justice, among other things, and is most likely guilty of conspiracy with the Kremlin in order to enrich himself.

This list is partial, but it goes on and on and on. I have neither the time or the amount of words to continue.

Bob Atkinson



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