Just a few thoughts

To the Editor,

Random thoughts, some serious, some not:

Mother Earth is like the universe hitting a trillion-to-one Powerball jackpot. Billions of stars and millions of planets and Earth is the one with life as we know it.

At the end of life at any age, do not worry about the after-death. One must take into consideration the consequences of living another six months. Do nothing. The body is shutting down, heaven awaits, with ever-lasting peace.

Some say God created man in his image. Some say man created God in our image. But man’s ego goes beyond God’s. All other imaginary civilizations created by man are ugly

People living in poverty do dangerous things depending on the height of their hunger pain.

21st century charter schools — it’s back to the old Puritan days. A cat-of-nine-tails hanging on a hook in front of the class with the Republican motto, “Don’t anyone dare be bad.”

Just think, short of murder, if sex wasn’t a sin, 99 percent of the population would be sin-free and heaven-bound.

To think one has been on this earth and their end aborted through cremation is very sad, to leave no trace of one’s physical existence. I guess no fame leaves no name to some. Cremation is the same as abortion, making one’s body non-existent.

Sorry, I could not leave the written word without a thought about my man Trump: Could the Bible be wrong, in Genesis 9:16, about the world never to end by flood with all of the severe hurricanes? The only thing keeping the legend alive that it would end in fire is another four years of locked-and-loaded ready President Donald Trump, if he is elected to another term in office.

Trump’s “Bad Moon Rising,” paraphrasing from Creedence Clearwater Revival:

“See see a bad moon a-rising.

I hear hurricanes a-blowing.

I hear rivers overflowing.

I hear the voice of rage and war.

There’s a bad moon on the rise.”

If you know how, pray before you act.

Steve Kopa



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