Change your clocks, change your batteries


As you make your way around the house this weekend changing clocks and watches back one hour, remember to check the most important items in the house — your smoke detectors. The beginning and end of daylight saving time are a good reminder to check batteries in smoke detectors. Batteries ...

Learn more about diabetes

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor, World Diabetes Day is on Nov. 14. One of the conditions that puts you at increased risk to get COVID 19 is diabetes. In West Virginia, more than one in eight adults (13%) have diabetes and one in four don’t know they’re diabetic. This is considered to be of epidemic ...

Early voting was easy process

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor, Kudos and hats off to the Hancock County Board of Elections for a great job for early voting at the courthouse. On Oct. 23, we arrived shortly before the courthouse opened. Voting had not started but about 10 people had already been screened for temperature checks and had ...

History in the Hills: Local haunts to ‘scare’ us

Local Columns

What is our fascination with stories from the past? I am not talking about the history we learn about in school, but stories we hear from our loved ones. Anecdotal, and often personal, these stories connect us and help make the past not so distant. In museums our goal is to tell the stories ...

From the Pulpit: Nothing but the blood of Jesus can wash away sin

Local Columns

Don’t try to outsmart the “father of lies.” Forget about using Freudian psychoanalysis to counsel yourself, or someone else from the clutches of sin. Stop looking for solutions, or angles, or strategies or other options — and start looking at the cross of Calvary. Behold the Lamb of God ...

Be extra careful this Halloween


As children prepare to make their annual costumed trek throughout the Tri-State Area on Saturday evening, we ask parents to make safety a priority this Halloween. Following some common-sense rules will ensure a safe and happy Halloween for everyone. Parents should always accompany young ...