Event ordinance overly restrictive


It is understandable that Weirton officials want to establish procedures to cover use of public spaces and facilities in the city. What is not understandable is why an ordinance that would detail those requirements needs to be so restrictive and cumbersome. The proposal, which received its ...

Don’t panic about Halloween just yet

Local Columns

Halloween is among my favorite holidays. There’s just something about the history, tradition and, of course, the mischief associated with the celebration. It’s mid-September, so thoughts are, obviously turning to that evening of merriment where the kids dress up in costume to collect ...

Professional football has returned


This is a weekend that a significant number of people thought they might not see this year. The National Football League is back, and while the action on the field will look familiar, the games will have a different feel. Kansas City claimed a 34-20 win over Houston when regular season play ...

Zatezalo the right person for the job

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor, West Virginia has a gas reservoir underneath our state worth a small fortune. We need to exploit this natural resource as a matter of priority to improve the lives of all of our citizens. Mark Zatezalo is the man with the background ideally suited to help lead this effort. He ...

Reasons to vote for Biden

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor, Major events have perhaps turned the tide for Joe Biden. What would his chance of winning in November be were it not for the China virus and the “peaceful demonstrations” on behalf of Black Lives Matter, initiated by the death of George Floyd at the hands of a policeman in ...

Getting ready for ‘inspection’ can be exhausting

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I spent the better part of Labor Day laboring, getting ready for “inspection.” You know that saying about how your company isn’t coming to give your house a good going over or the white glove test to see how much deeper the dust is since the last visit, that they’re coming to see you ...