Police reports

Jefferson County Sheriff

Pulled over: Jessie James Teeters, 41, 3609 county Road 75, Bergholz, weapons under disability, Saturday. Teeters was taken into custody following a traffic stop in Springfield township. Deputies said the vehicle Teeters was driving had expired plates, and neither he nor his passenger had a valid driver’s license. Deputies said they located a rifle in the back seat that Teeters said he’d forgotten about because it belonged to the former owner, and also a small baggie in his pants pocket. Teeters also was cited for expired operator’s license, expired plates and no insurance.

He’s not talking: A Rayland man called deputies for help because his wife won’t stop accusing him of cheating on her, Saturday. When they arrived, he was sitting outside and said his wife had just returned from a friends, telling deputies she’s been accusing him of having an affair and “kept arguing with him, accusing him of cheating on her while she was away at her friend’s house.” He said he couldn’t stand it anymore and went outside to get fresh air and called for help. His wife told deputies she’s convinced he’s having an affair with an unknown female and “will not admit it to her nor talk to her about it.” She said she came home and tried to have a conversation with him to get to the truth and said he “must have gotten upset about her wanting to talk about the situation, walked outside and called our office.” Both denied anything physical took place.

Cause and effect: A Richmond man said his former live-in girlfriend was at his home, intoxicated and causing problems, Sunday. He told deputies she no longer lives with him but does spend the occasional night there, but this time he wants her to leave and not come back. Deputies told him if that’s the case, he needs to stop inviting her back.

Renters’ revenge: A Mingo Junction woman who evicted her son and daughter-in-law from her home claims before they left, they unplugged the freezer and allowed food to spoil and left dirty cat litter, Saturday. She also alleges they removed her late husband’s tools, her bed, TV and jewelry from the property.

Paradox: A Wintersville couple was fighting outside her mother’s house because the woman believed her partner was cheating on her Sunday. Deputies said the man was sitting in the back seat of a car when they arrived at the Circle Drive location, and told them the two of them had been drinking “throughout the night and into this morning.” He said his girlfriend started arguing with him because she thinks he’s cheating on her, so he left the bedroom and went to sleep in a chair in the living room but she followed him there so he walked out to the car. She began throwing his clothes and other possessions into the yard so he gathered them up and got back in the car. The woman told them she’s convinced he’s cheating on her. She said their disagreement never became physical but she wants to know the truth and said she followed him through the house because she “wants to know if the cheating she heard about was true.” She said she wanted him out of her apartment, but wouldn’t give deputies the keys so they could drive him there to gather his things.

Keep your distance: A Toronto man told deputies he thinks someone is trying to set a tree near his house, and possibly the house, on fire, Saturday. He claims that for the past couple weeks people have been coming around his house around 9 p.m. and between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. he’s heard people outside his house but by the time he gets outside they’re gone. He said there are burn marks on the tree, which is about 3 feet from his house, that appear to have been done within the past week. He told deputies he has two shotguns and two .45 caliber pistols and will defend himself and his property if he has to from vandals, and sleeps with the pistols.

Booked: Justin Sears, 25, 10244 state Route 164, Amsterdam, domestic violence, Monday; Michael Dale Lanham Jr., 30, 192 1/2 W. Cambridge St., Alliance, possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and obstruction, Friday; William Piper, 31, 19 Tiro Lane, Adena, criminal damaging, Friday.

Steubenville Police

Guns and alcohol: A motorist who reached speeds in excess of 65 miles per hour before failing to navigate a turn in the 1000 block of Adams Street, striking the hillside, told police he thought someone was following him and trying to kill him, Saturday. Police said no one was seen following him and the driver, identified as Roneal Buford, 29, of 720 N. Seventh St., A1, “had an odor of intoxicating beverage emitting from his person.” They said a handgun was found on the driver’s side floorboard and an empty liquor bottle in the center console. Buford was charged with improperly handling a loaded firearm, having a weapon under disability and failure to comply.

More vehicle break-ins: In the 400 block of Dresden Avenue Sunday, a man reported his wallet had been stolen from his unlocked vehicle. Just prior to the call police located the wallet, including cards, but minus the $50 bill he had in it; a woman told police her vehicle and her boyfriend’s were broken into and items were missing; another woman said her unlocked vehicle was ransacked but nothing was missing and there was there any damage.

— In the 500 block of Dresden Avenue, a man told police his vehicle had been ransacked, but the only thing missing was nail clippers, Sunday.

— A woman in the 3000 block of Glendwell Avenue reported someone had entered two vehicles at her residence but nothing was taken, Sunday.

— In the 100 block of Aberdeen Road, a resident said someone rummaged through his unlocked vehicle, which was parked in front of his house. Nothing was missing and there was no damage.

— Someone gained access to a locked vehicle in the 4800 block of Garden Acres Drive and stole the owner’s manual, insurance and registration information and $20, police said.

— A vehicle in the 3200 block of St. Charles Drive was ransacked around 3 a.m. Sunday, but the owner told police nothing appeared to have been taken.

— The owner of a vehicle parked in the 400 block of Lincoln Boulevard told police it was ransacked but nothing appeared to be missing, Sunday.

— Someone ransacked a vehicle in the 500 block of Woodland Avenue overnight Sunday, but the owner said nothing appeared to be missing.

Not a music fan: Someone complained that an individual was playing the violin outside Pet Supplies Plus and wouldn’t leave, Saturday. Police couldn’t find the errant musician.

Pretext: A Lincoln Avenue resident said a man came up on his porch and asked for a cigarette so he went to get him one, and when he came back outside the man was gone and so was his roommate’s wallet, which had been sitting on a table, Sunday. The wallet contained the roommate’s ID, his Social Security card, bank card and $90.

Bikes recovered: Police responded to the 400 block of Union Avenue to deal with bicycles that had allegedly been stolen by a group of juveniles in the area, Sunday. Upon speaking with the caller, police said one bicycle was recovered. As they worked to locate the juveniles involved the other two bicycles were recovered and no further assistance was needed.

Overdoing it: A Dresden Avenue parent reported his son overdosing, Sunday. Police said the son was showing the physical signs of an overdose, with shallow breathing and pinpoint pupils, and had a positive reaction when Steubenville EMS administered Narcan. He was taken to Trinity Medical Center West for evaluation and given a drug treatment form.

Customer service: A Cleveland man said he called a downtown business to check on a parts order and claims while he was talking to an employee the owner came on the line and “threatened to beat his (expletive),” Friday.

Weird: A Granard Parkway resident said she was going in her house when she noticed a woman who’d been staring at her property for several minutes walk up and try to steal her lawn decorations, Friday. She said she confronted the woman, who ran back to her car. She said the woman was a white female in her late 20s or early 30s with dark hair wearing shorts and a white sweat shirt and driving an older, beat-up sedan missing a hubcap. She said the woman “seemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol as (she) appeared to not be acting normal.”

Overdosed: A caller reported a woman in the 1300 block of West Adams Street kept passing out, and when police arrived, they said she was sweating profusely, kept nodding off and her eyes were rolling back. When Steubenville firefighters/EMS arrived on scene they loaded her into an ambulance and she became unresponsive, until they administered Narcan. She said she’d crushed Percocet 30 and snorted it, police said. She was transported to Weirton Medical Center for treatment and police issued her a drug treatment form, her third.

Escape artist: A caller reported seeing a toddler unsupervised in the 2600 block of Hollywood, Saturday. His father told police the 2-year-old slipped out of his high chair while his 15-year-old brother was supposed to be watching him. He said the child escapes a lot.

Even up: A Nimitz Avenue couple was taken into custody on domestic violence charges, Saturday. James Herman Jr., 41, and Jessica Morgan, 31, both of 329 Nimitz Avenue, were taken into custody after each complained of being assaulted by the other, police said. Hermanhad injuries on his arm “consistent with a struggle,” while Morgan told police she’d been assaulted. Neither of them would provide details of their alleged assault, police said.

Revived: A woman in the 500 block of Maxwell Avenue was suspected of overdosing, Friday. Steubenville EMS administered nasal Narcan and revived her, police said. She refused further treatment and was issued a drug treatment form.

Change stolen: A Brady Avenue resident accidentally left his front door slightly ajar when he left for work, Sunday. He said a neighbor called to tell him the door was open. He said the only thing missing seemed to be a jar containing about $50 in change.

Mystery visitor: An Oregon Avenue woman who left her front door unlocked earlier this week while she did yard work told police she thinks someone entered her home and stole her purse, Friday. She said she already contacted the bank and told them to close accounts related to cards she kept in the purse, but her checkbook, papers she’d planned to shred and her passport may also have been in the bag.

Rowdy: A Prospect Avenue resident had security footage of juveniles letting off fireworks near his and other vehicles, Friday. Police reviewed the footage, in which the juveniles addressed each other by name, then ran up the street to another house where the homeowner said they’d been visiting with their mother and had just left.

Served: Shari D. Tressler, 49, 2456 county Road 22A, Bloomingdale, bench warrant, Saturday.

Booked: Daniel L. Canterbury, 33, 430 Westwood Drive, Steubenville, bench warrant out of Columbiana County, Friday; April M. Stanley, 47, no fixed address, failure to appear, Friday; James West, 39, 1317 Rear W. Adams St., Steubenville, failure to appear warrant out of Belmont Count, Saturday.

Cited: Derrick L. Campbell, 51, 1100 Lincoln Ave., Apt. B, Steubenville, no operator’s license; Jeremy Dahlem, 33, 84 county Road 47, Toronto, expired plates;

Unresponsive: Two men in the 400 block of South Seventh Street were unresponsive, Saturday. Both were transported to Trinity Medical Center West by Steubenville firefighters.

Booked: Trent Andre, 24, Salem, trafficking drugs, weapons under disability, and tampering with evidence, Sunday.

Cited: Timothy Young Jr., 23, 631 Belleview Blvd., Steubenville, speeding, expired plates and no taillights.

Dillonvale Police

Booked: Carl Horvat II, 53, 4863 state Highway 152, Dillonvale, failure to comply and fleeing, Sunday. Horvat also cited for DUS.


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