Everyone has to pay the piper eventually

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If I were the Governor, I don’t know if I’d be constantly promoting my dog. It only raises the value of the dog if one day Jim Justice’s assets are auctioned off on the courthouse steps. As I and others have reported last week (hat tip to the Wall Street Journal), Gov. Justice may owe ...

Work remains to make state grow


West Virginia lawmakers started this winter’s legislative session with a determination to attract and retain residents — perhaps a last-ditch effort to address what they knew was coming. As data is rolled out, it appears the problem they were hoping to solve is much worse than we ...

Should we need an incentive to get a vaccine?

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Vaccines for the COVID-19 virus have been available for about six months now, and it would at least appear as if it is helping to cut down the number of cases across the country. I understand the desire to push a vaccine in an effort to fight against a virus, especially one with such massive ...

‘Do you have pantyhose on? Guilty as charged

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I was walking toward a female acquaintance/friend in recent weeks, meeting her to take a photo to run with a story I was writing. I was wearing a casual dress that day, mainly because I was weary of wearing pants and had opted instead for a figure-forgiving alternative in these ...

Honoring those who stood for freedom


Sunday marks the 77th anniversary of D-Day, and it is appropriate that we honor those who were willing to stand tall against what some considered to be nearly impossible odds to defend our freedoms. Because of the sacrifices that were made on that day — June 6, 1944 — along the beaches of ...

West Virginia should be smart about the future

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What is the “the future of West Virginia”? Each year government leadership offers a new economic plan in hopes of improving the future of West Virginia. New ideas are good. West Virginians should hope everyone running for elected office thinks they have the answer, or at least a new ...