The Olympics have finally arrived


Beginning Friday, billions of eyes will turn toward Tokyo as the 2020 Summer Olympics finally begin. That we have been able to come this close to the opening ceremonies is a medal-worthy accomplishment in itself. Delayed last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Olympics are moving ...

Gupta right choice for U.S. drug czar


It seems incredible, but should Dr. Rahul Gupta’s nomination to become new director of the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy be confirmed, he will be the first physician to serve as our nation’s “drug czar.” President Joe Biden has leaned on Gupta already, as an adviser on ...

Keep the research funding coming


Federal officials know this country has a range of problems to solve, as economies transition in regions that have traditionally powered the nation. It has taken them a bit longer to understand they have the resources to help us do something about it. A little good news came last week, ...

A batch of summertime potpourri

Local Columns

You’ve probably seen stories over the last week or so regarding Joe Jeffries, a two-term Republican representing the 22nd District in the House of Delegates. Jeffries, who has a history of being controversial, was discovered on TikTok (a social media app primarily used by high school kids ...

Joy in finding what you’re not looking for

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I lifted my pillow and there it was. The recently purchased watch with a skinny black band, one I had picked out and later told Better Half that he had bought this on my behalf as a gift. And that was very thoughtful of him, I assured. I’m a watch girl, despite our access to the time of ...

Consider what is best for the community

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There have been some major developments in Weirton municipal government over the last several days. To be honest, it’s kept me up most nights this week with a variety of thoughts. I’m not going to get into most of that right now as I’m not sure it’s the appropriate time, but one thought ...