Don’t forget our state’s coal communities


West Virginia lawmakers know they can’t put it off any longer. They have to start working to help the people who could be left in the lurch as the state’s economy inevitably transitions. Specifically, state House Speaker Roger Hanshaw, R-Clay, and House Minority Leader Doug Skaff, ...

State’s media are trapped in a box

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I never thought as a reporter I’d be writing a column to tell a government official to stop talking so much, but here I am calling for an end to the twice-a-week COVID-19 briefings by Gov. Jim Justice. Or at the very least end the completely virtual briefings and return to in-person ...

State government is always growing


Only in West Virginia do we add layers of bureaucracy and call it streamlining. That’s just what is happening at the Department of Health and Human Resources, where its Bureau for Children and Families this month split into a Bureau for Social Services and a Bureau for Family Assistance and ...

The moral of the motoring-along story

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You could say this column has a moral to the story. In this case maybe it’s that we go fast only to actually go slower yet, we rush only to get more and more behind. I’ve certainly experienced this how-can-that-be scenario. I’ve been on both sides of the fence, for example, when ...

More ideas to promote West Virginia

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I’ve often attempted through this column to encourage residents and visitors alike to look for ways to explore the wonders of the Mountain State, mentioning some of the varied features and attractions which might draw interest. Whether it’s through numerous tourism campaigns, the Very ...

Be safe on the water


The warmer temperatures and abundant sunshine we have been experiencing across the Tri-State Area means area residents again are turning to the outdoors for recreation. Among the most popular activities during the summer months are boating and fishing. Both are fun ways to spend an afternoon, ...