Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Changes: A Parkersburg, W.Va., woman visiting her ex-boyfriend in Tiltonsville said he hit, kicked and threw her to the ground during an argument, Wednesday. She said they spent several days together without problems but they had an argument over money that escalated into violence. She said he punched her in the back of her head, causing her to hear what she described as a “tuning fork” sound and claimed she “saw stars.” She said he threw her to the ground and kicked her, then warned deputies when they talked to her ex he would tell them she’d hit him first. Deputies said she had no marks or bruises and told them she was OK, but she wanted to press charges. While he admitted money was a problem, the male told deputies the female wanted to have sex but he wasn’t interested because he is transitioning hormonally to become a woman. He said as the argument escalated, there was “some shoving back and forth” though he denied punching and kicking her.

A real gem: Deputies had to respond to a Bloomingdale residence because a neighbor with whom the homeowner has had ongoing problems drove his tractor over a surveyor’s post, Tuesday, uprooting it. The homeowners were advised to get a protection order, but they told deputies the magistrate already told them they’d have to sue their neighbor because a protection order can’t be issued for a property dispute. The neighbor’s wife told them there’s already a court case going on and they have an attorney handling it. Her husband told them he was “sick of the sheriff’s office and sick of his neighbors” and told deputies they needed to “get the (expletive) out of here” and nothing was going on. Deputies took pictures of the uprooted post.

Stay away: A Toronto woman told deputies several items of value have disappeared from her home during the past several months, including 24 silver dollars, a $100 bill and a set of hoop earrings, Monday. She said there’s never any sign of forced entry and suspects it may be a family member.

Booked: Kristopher Michael Williamson, 29, 4953 county Road 15, Rayland, warrant out of Belmont County for failure to appear, Wednesday.

Steubenville police

Discovery: A man in the 300 block of South Seventh Street turned over a bag he found on his porch that didn’t belong to him, Tuesday. The bag contained several hypodermic needles and two debit cards belonging to another man. Officers said the man the man said something as he handed him the bag but he couldn’t decipher it because he appeared “highly intoxicated.”

Rowdy: A Steubenville man police said was in a lethargic state and allegedly admitted he’d been drinking was booked into the county jail Tuesday after he shredded a citation, then got belligerent with a family member who came to give him a ride home. Jeffrey S. Horkulic, 57, 2242 Powell Ave., was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, police said. He also was cited for driving under suspension.

Think twice: A South Fifth Street resident said she let a man take her car to detail it Friday and he still had not returned it, nor was he returning her calls, Saturday. She also said he’d blocked her messages.

Enough already: A city resident said he’d had enough of his daughter’s behavior and wanted to file domestic violence charges against the juvenile, Saturday. He told the police she had hit him in the head. Police said the girl was holding her pinky finger, but she wasn’t saying much about the incident or what led up to it so she was taken into custody.

Booked: Jayjuan Addui Quincel Wise, 38, 434 Linden Ave., Steubenville, domestic violence, Saturday. Wise allegedly struck a female in the face and back of the head with a clock, then threw it on the ground and fled, Saturday. Police said the woman’s face was red and she had a bump on the back of her head.

Kid trouble: A woman in the 700 block of Oakmont Avenue said juveniles broke her fence and are throwing rocks at her dog, Saturday. She wants the kids to stay off her property, and fears that if they break enough of the fence the dogs will bite them.

False alarm: A caller said a woman running in the Brady Circle area told them to notify police a white male with a sweatshirt draped over his shoulder was chasing her, Saturday. Police located a couple on Granard Parkway matching the description given by the caller, and said both were sweating and out of breath. They said they were arguing over money but nothing physical occurred.

Reported: A caller reported hearing several shots fired in the 1500 block of Euclid Avenue, Saturday. Police checked the area but couldn’t find anything out of order.

Footsteps: A Wellesley Avenue resident told police she heard someone walking on the first floor of her home, Sunday. Police checked the property but didn’t find anyone. The homeowner told them her son’s baseball bat was missing.

Disappearing act: Callers reported a group of juveniles letting off bottle rockets from a maroon Chevy Malibu in the 1200 block of Wellesley Avenue, Sunday. They were gone when police arrived.

Booked: Jeffrey Ballato, 37, 323 Hill Ave., Weirton, domestic violence, Sunday; Vance West, 40, 815 N. Sixth St., Steubenville, failure to appear, Monday; John E. Boyce, 24, 1516 Maryland Ave., Steubenville, domestic violence, Friday; Talia Schoonover, 32, no address listed, possession of drug paraphernalia, a crack pipe with chor boy, and petit theft, Saturday; Erika Benitez, 21, 266 Maplewood Drive, Steubenville, probation violation, Saturday.

Lost: A Denver man told police he lost his wallet while attending commencement exercises at Franciscan University of Steubenville, Saturday. In the wallet were his American Express, Discover card, license, and three debit cards.

Found: A wallet was found at the carnival at the Fort Steuben Mall, Saturday. It was turned in to police.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to the owners/occupants of properties at 1223 Ridge Ave., 1516 Euclid Ave., 2331 Chestnut St., 1336 Wellesley Ave., 108 Parkdale Ave., 2410 Sunset Blvd., 2510 Sunset Blvd., 2322 Sunset Blvd., 2117 Glenn St., all for high grass.

Served: Tayonna J. Wade, 25, 928 Logan Ave., Toronto, bench warrant, Tuesday.

Cited: Tyler A. Ingram, 26, 709 Rosswell Ave., Steubenville, speeding; Skyler Miller, 21, 662 Rinker Road, Steubenville, left of center; Guinifer Carradine, 40, 244 N. 10th St., Steubenville, red light violation; and Katelynn R. Par, 23, 165 McKinley Drive, Follansbee, driving under suspension.

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Booked: Kelly Carter-Elder, 29, 129 Andrews Drive, Wintersville, driving under suspension and operating a vehicle intoxicated, Wednesday.


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