Police reports

Jefferson County sheriff

Charged: A Dillonvale man is in custody after neighbors say he threatened them, Monday. Joshua Taylor Gamble, 37, 82 Township Road 1309, was booked into the county jail on charges of aggravated menacing and criminal damaging, police said. Neighbors told deputies they were in their garage playing darts when Gamble walked on their property, despite it being posted for no trespassing, and punched the door. The homeowner alleges Gamble pulled out a chain with two ball bearings on it and said he was “going to beat everyone and kill them,” so he grabbed a baseball bat for protection. When he got the bat, the homeowner claims Gamble went back to his own residence and came back with what he calls his “fighting stick” and ran at him multiple times, but his wife held him back. Gamble allegedly grabbed rocks and threw them at the man’s home and the individuals who were on his property, several of whom said they had protection orders against him. The homeowner had video documenting the encounter, deputies noted. En route to the jail, deputies reported Gamble kicked at the safety partition, windows and the roof of the cruiser, eventually knocking out the third brake light. To prevent further damage, he was transferred to a different cruiser and, in the process, tried to kick deputies, who were forced to subdue him, according to a report.

Wrong number?: A Wintersville man who got a new phone number from Verizon in May says that the man who had that number before him isn’t taking it well, Monday. The man said he’s been receiving harassing phones calls from and about the previous account holder, who lives in Myrtle Beach, and said the man has accused him of trying to hack into his e-mail account and wants him to change the password, and most recently threatened to post the number online.

Can’t find it: A Tiltonsville resident said his .25 Baretta is missing, Monday. He said he kept it in a cabinet on the headboard of his bed which, although not locked, he said was difficult to open. He’s not sure if it was stolen or misplaced.

Steubenville police

Dysfunctional: A Sherman Avenue resident told police her husband disabled her car so it would not start, Monday. Officers told her as long as the two of them are married, the car is a marital asset and he could not be charged with damaging it. Six hours later the same couple was causing a disturbance in the Circle K parking lot. The female wanted her estranged husband to let her have access to another vehicle while he was at the store and he refused. Police suggested they consider filing for divorce, and in the meantime told them they needed to leave the property and stay away from each other.

Youthful indiscretion: An officer spotted a car traveling the wrong way on North Fifth Street, Monday. When the driver finally stopped in the 800 block, the officer learned the driver was an unlicensed juvenile. He was cited for no operator’s license and a one-way street violation. A family member arrived on scene and the car and kid were turned over to him.


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